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04 February 2014 @ 01:24 pm
Candy, our 15yo maltese went in for a teeth cleaning today -- she's been losing weight, and we thought it was bc she wasn't eating properly bc her teeth were hurting... and the vet noticed that she had a elevated blood pressure, so she ordered an ultrasound... which in turn found a tumor in her bladder. Given the position, she's certain that odds are good it's cancer.

My sister Y and I are at home trying to digest all of this and we really can't. Mum and Y's husband are at work and we haven't told them anything -- not until we talk to the vet later today.

The vet advised us to start thinking about palliative care, but the thing is Candy is normal in every other way. Happy, active and running about. She's eating normally too I think, she's just been losing weight.

I have no idea what to think.

Has anyone gone through this? Do you have any advice?
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31 December 2013 @ 05:15 pm
Happy New Year to everyone!

It's just over six hours to 2014 here so I hope everyone has a wonderful and most importantly safe New Year's Eve!!
along with this up and down weather we've been having that has just made everything 10 times worse. As I'm going on a trip to Austin and NYC soon, I do not want to be sick during it.

Does anyone at all have any suggestions as to how I can kick a lingering cold in the balls? I have a blocked nose, a tickle at the back of my throat that makes me cough every so often and I can't tell I have a fever or I'm drinking too much lemon and ginger tea. I thought it had broken a couple of days ago, but now I'm not so sure.
26 September 2013 @ 08:08 pm

I just have to save this somewhere to watch over and over again, lol!
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12 September 2013 @ 10:20 am
frelling_tralk posted about this and gave me a heads up to the sweetest letter from Gillian.

God, I miss this show. I miss Mulder and Scully, and I miss the writing and the creepiness (Home, anyone?) and just everything.

20 years.

02 September 2013 @ 08:59 am
This week Diane Keaton is doing a Twitter exchange with her followers of pics of beautiful men and it's lovely, and funny: https://twitter.com/diane_keaton

Next week, beautiful women :)
09 August 2013 @ 11:37 am
Guess who's No 1?

15. Brisco County, Jr., “Brisco County, Jr.”

14. Boyd Crowder, “Justified”

13. Jeremiah Holdsclaw, “Smallville”

12. Robert T. Ironside, “Ironside”

11. Raymond Luxury Yacht” (Pronounced “Throat Warbler Mangrove”), “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”

10. Smash Williams, “Friday Night Lights”

9. The Doctor, “Doctor Who”

8. Gaius Baltar, “Battlestar Galactica”

7. Harvey Spector, “Suits”

6. Michonne, “The Walking Dead”

5. Khal Drogo, “Game of Thrones”

4. Sam Axe, “Burn Notice”

3. Sledge Hammer, “Sledgehammer”

2. Magnetic Attitude (“Magnitude”), “Community”

1. James Tiberius Kirk, baby!

(Honorable mention: Bond, James Bond (but he's in the movies))
I came across this little guy on Buzzfeed:

Mick had Swimmer Puppy Syndrome -- which made it impossible for him to use his legs to walk, stand, sit. But after two weeks of therapy with The Mia Foundation, he is improving in leaps and bounds and running like a champ!

The Mia Foundation

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30 July 2013 @ 09:05 pm

Yes, yes he does *fans self*

I'm watching Luther right now. Gah.
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